​​​​​​​Efforts of Turkish occupation state to revive ISIS mercenaries to fail

 A member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region explained that the goal of the Turkish occupation state in its attacks on northern and eastern Syria is to revive the ISIS mercenaries and the occupation of the region, while the people confirmed their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces and their campaigns.

 The Turkish occupation state's attacks on northern and eastern Syria continue for reviving ISIS mercenaries, while the popular anger rejecting these attacks continues.


 In this regard, a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, Ahmed Khoja, told our agency, "Everyone knows, why the Turkish occupation state attacks the region? Its arm has been twisted and all its plans have been thwarted, since the liberation of the city of Kobani and the defeat of its mercenaries, so today it tries to take revenge for them."  It bombs our areas and targets our citizens with drones.”

 He added, "The Turkish occupation state opened its borders to mercenaries, brought them into the region and provided them with weapons, and those were the first steps in the war of extermination that it declared against the region. It began to change its demography, as it sees its presence in the revival of ISIS mercenaries."

 He continued, "The Turkish occupation state is wrong, as there is a popular will led by the Syrian Democratic Forces that defend the people of the region."

Khoja praised "the great role of the campaigns launched by the Syrian forces and the Internal Security Forces to thwart the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the region."


 In turn, the citizen, Nadim Dasho, said, "All the dreams of the Turkish occupation state have gone unheeded. After defeating its mercenaries in the city of Kobani, there is nothing left for it but the threat and the revival of the mercenaries again, but it must know that the resistance shown by the people will not change, as it has already been if we make our decision, either live with dignity or die with honor and obtain martyrdom.”


 As for the citizen, Adla Baki, she said, "The battle led by the people of Kobani was an example of honor, dignity and heroism. Despite years on, its echo  still resounds today . The city of Kobani has become a symbol of freedom and the rejection of slavery."

 Adla emphasized that "ISIS mercenaries are the hidden face of the Turkish occupation state. We have known this since the first day of the start of the battle of Kobani, and the Turkish occupation state supported them with weapons, opening its borders to them and supplying them with weapons."

 Adla expressed its support for every campaign launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces.  With the aim of eliminating ISIS agents and mercenaries who are trying to return to their activities with Turkish help, stressing that "Turkey's efforts will fail, as the people of the region are able to defend the region."



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