Education committee promise to solve education's issue in WashoKani camp

More than1,050 students who have been displaced from areas in NE, Syria ,they headed toward Washokani camp to settle there, are waiting for new chance  to return to continue  their teaching , after being displaced from their homes, but Pedagogy and Education Committee has promised to solve this problme soon.

Large numbers of civilians forced to exodus, whose number estimated 300, 000 refugees, after launching brutal attacks on NE, Syria by Turkish occupation to flee from the Syrian- Turkish border, new camps have been established to accommodate the refugees By Autonomous Administration in the areas that witnessed heavy shelling such as WashoKani" west of the city of al-Hasakah, and GIRÊ SPî in the town of Tal al-Samman north of al-Raqqa.

Education is almost completely absent from the Washokani camp, west of the city of al-Hasakah, which is inhabited by more than 2,200 displaced persons, most of whom are elderly, women and children from the people of the two districts of Serêkaniyê

, and the countryside of Tel Tamr, after being exposed to the Turkish invasion since the last of October 9, and the number of children and students who need to learn more than a thousand and 50 students according to the camp administration.

On the reality of the camp and the state of education, the co-chair of the WashoKani camp, Fayez Ibrahim, told ANHA, "The camp is currently inhabited by 2,200 refugees, most of them children and women, among 274 families of the people of Serêkaniyê, Tal Tamr and Zarkan. The educational reality is lacking so far. The camp is currently without any educational institution We have received promises from the Education and Pedagogy Committee in al-Hasakah canton to remedy the educational situation as quickly as possible.



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