​​​​​​​Education Body in Jazira decries explosion that targeted car of its staff

The Education Body of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of Jazira region condemned the bombing that targeted its members, explaining that the timing of its occurrence was intended to commit a massacre.

This came during a statement issued by the Education Body in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of al-Jazira region, about the car bombing on Monday morning, in the yard of the body’s building in Qamishlo, which resulted in the injury of the driver.

The statement was delivered at the site of the explosion in the yard of the body's building, in both Arabic by the Deputy co-chairmanship of body, Faisal al-Khader, and in Kurdish, by the spokeswoman for the Women's Office in the body, Hanan Anz.

The statement began by referring to the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on North and East Syria, and added: "For years, the occupying fascist Turkish state, by all means and with its dirty and barbaric attacks, has been attacking our regions with all its components and spectra."

It stated that "every day, with all barbaric methods, our cities, our people, and all our civil institutions are attacked with genocide against this peaceful people."

The body drew attention to the bombing of its members' car in the city of Qamishlo this morning, describing it as an "attack."

In its statement, the body also stopped at the timing of the bombing, and said, "This attack, at the beginning of the official working hours, and at this hour, is evidence that the Turkish state carried out a great massacre, because the timing of this barbaric attack aimed at carrying out a massacre against the staff of the body."

It explained that, "For years, the Turkish state has been attacking our regions and our peaceful people with various dirty methods to break the will of the people who love democracy and peace and to surrender their will to its continuous threats to the peoples of the region."

The body condemned "the fierce attacks on us, and we tell them that we are steadfast in the face of this occupation with the strength and will of our rebellious and steadfast people in the face of all the pressures of this barbaric and fierce state, and they will not be able to break this will or destroy our prosperous and bright future."

The Education Body of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Jazira region confirmed, at the end of its statement, "Once again we say to the whole world, to our enemies and friends, that we are continuing to progress and develop in our educational institutions, and we will prevail in the end."

T/ Satt.


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