​​​​​​​Economic and Agriculture Authority provides pesticides to fight suni bug

The Economy and Agriculture Authority  in the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, provided the necessary pesticides necessary to fight suni bug that affects badly the wheat and barley crops.

"For the black insect suni bug, it has appeared a lot in the border areas of Dêrik region with Turkey as Turkey sprays the crops with insecticides that is why they appear intensively," the co-chair of the Economic and Agriculture, Suleiman Barudo said. 

"This is the hatching period of the insect, and we also prepared the repellent drug, and the spraying process is supposed to start today," he said

"We have prepared to fight this disease well this year, in terms of securing medicine and equipping sprinklers," he said, adding that the spraying process "will start from Dêrik to  Al Darbesia.'



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