Dutch Freedom Party: ISIS fighting in Afrin on behalf of Turkey

The Freedom Party of the Netherlands (PVV) submitted a briefing request to parliament saying that 40 former ISIS fighters were recruited by the Turkish intelligence service (MİT) and used to occupy Afrin on behalf of Turkey.

The Freedom Party in the Netherlands submitted a briefing to parliament to question Foreign Minister Steve Block on whether ISIS operatives represented Turkey in Syria, as well as a question about the possibility of Turkey sending ISIS operatives to the “safe zone” in the northern and eastern Syria.

The briefing was made by the Freedom Party member of parliament and foreign policy spokesperson, Raymond De Rhone, and asked Foreign Minister Steve Block to clarify whether dozens of former ISIS mercenaries were commissioned by Turkey in Afrin.

"Looking at the dynamics of the war in Syria, we find that the transfer of fighters to other groups against which they were fighting, for physical and pragmatic reasons, is normal," Block said.

Block confirmed that the Dutch government has no information about the cooperation of ISIS mercenaries with the Turkish intelligence service (MİT) or not.

He stressed that the list of 40 ISIS operatives does not include any Dutch citizens.

'Are ISIS elements in the safe zone?'

Regarding the question of the possibility of Turkey to deploy elements of ISIS mercenaries in the "safe area of ​​northeastern Syria, Block explained that Turkey is working with the United States to establish a safe area in northern Syria, stressing that the joint forces to be placed in this area will only have soldiers from the two countries concerned.

The party also demanded an investigation into NATO allegations of a link between Turkey and ISIS mercenaries and a review of its membership in the alliance if found guilty, but Foreign Minister Steve Block rejected the request.

Russia documented the Turkish state's relations with ISIS

According to previous news reports and information confirmed by local sources, the Turkish state worked to transfer many elements of ISIS mercenaries to Afrin, and assigned them to combat missions there, especially after SDF managed to end the geographical control of ISIS mercenaries.

The Turkish state is working to use these mercenaries to implement its projects to change the demographics of Afrin, and commit various crimes such as kidnapping, arrest, torture, rape and murder. Russia has already published a number of documents revealing the organic relationship between the Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries.



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