During three years, women play active role in construction and change

Since liberation of Al-Raqqa from Daesh terrorists, they made successful great efforts besides overcoming obstacles and forms of violence against them women in Al-Raqqa, three years of construction and change revolution during their lives.

In July 2013, Daesh mercenaries launched attacks on the city of Al-Raqqa they had taken control at aspects of life and had practiced forms of abuse against its people.

During that period, woman have suffered the largest proportion by ISIS actions. Many of them reached to stage of marginalization where strict judgments concerning to appearance and manner were imposed in public places not only that, Daesh also recruited and trained women to carry out various attacks.

Daesh terrorists have turned public utilities like football pitches, universities, schools ( Al-Ittihad university in Al Kasra area south of Al-Raqqa and Adawiya school ) into prisons for women.

On October 17 , 2017, the SDF succeed in cleansing the mercenaries where women played a vital role in liberation process.

The beginning from councils

After liberation, many local councils were formed in a unique step where women were not accustomed to, they contributed in organizing society through participation in effective political process.

Women have held senior positions at higher bodies through their participation in running the region thanks to co-presidency system in NE Syria.

Women's work was not limited to the city but the formation of councils shifted to the countryside as a kind of fairness that was not present in the history of rural women. There are 19 women’s councils in the city and its countryside, each council consists of 10 women work in running of affairs of reconciliation archives, health, economy and training committees.

Concerning the women role in institutions, it helped them in terms of training and securing job opportunities, women also occupied positions from commune to co-chairs and the local political and diplomatic councils where number of women within the institution reached nearly 5 .000 women.

In addition, a large number of women have worked in other civil institutions (such as municipalities, public councils and communes, and bodies).

Regarding security level, women played a role in liberation, as well as the security, during the year 2020, 650 women joined the Internal Security Forces, standing at checkpoints, organizing traffic and defending their cities.

This year, 4 thousand women have undergone intellectual courses. In this context women's administration has opened awareness raising session. Hence, 4000 women have graduated.

Tishreen Academy for Women, one of the largest and it graduated 300 women.

Courses were opened in field of economics and agriculture for contributing woman's empowerment and consolidating here administrative level besides provision of income that helps women to take their place in the institutions.

" The major obstacles that faced women, were the bad effects that Daesh left " said the Administrative officer Mariam Al-Abo , she added " Everything we aspire it from philosophy of Democratic Nation which aim to build women real personality and freedom of thought .

Campaigns and events to raise the pace of struggle

several campaigns and activities to raise the pace of struggle and realize the extent of political awareness among women were launched against the threats of the Turkish state to northern Syria, followed by sit-in tents and demonstrations.

" during occupation of Al-Raqqa, the city became completely different than before particularly in women's rights " stressed Al Abo… " the changes have occurred to woman seem clear through here involvement in the political work where she gained strength and merit to assume responsibilities in all fields.

Maryam considered that what was achieved over the course of three years, whether it was sacrifice or community organization; Giving women a great incentive to develop, and what has been achieved in north eastern Syria in general and Al-Raqqa in particular has made women an example for everyone to follow.

Maryam set a prerequisite for the success of a woman's administrative work, considering that perseverance and success is one of the most important conditions that women must fulfil in order for them to preserve the gains that they have achieved, and a basis for the continuation of their work especially in terms of customs and traditions. "

The third annual ... a lesson for the women's revolution

With the approach of the third annual liberation of the city of Al-Raqqa, citizen Fatima Al-Hassan blessed the memory and said: "We consider this day in itself a revolution for women and a revolution in construction and change, as she saw woes at the time of mercenaries." Fatima Al-Hassan thanked the international leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who gave women the great role and worked to liberate peoples in general and women in particular.

As for the citizen Wazana Al-Ahmad from the residents of Al-Mansour neighborhood, she blessed the third annual year and said: “This change is a new start for women to fully exercise their role. Al-Ahmad saluted every free woman who struggled for her salvation from oppression and slavery and followed the path and approach of the democratic nation's ideology.

As for the citizen Najah al-Ahmad from the city of Raqqa, she recalled the blood of the martyrs and martyrs, and wished that the next celebration would be the liberation of all areas of northern Syria from the Turkish occupation.



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