Duran Kalkan: Daesh is part of Fascist Alliance, AKP, MHP

The member of Executive Committee in PKK, Duran Kalkan said the threats against Rojava are still continued and expressed confidence that the people of the region would counter all forms of fascist attacks and genocidal attacks and defend free life as a commitment to the democratic nation's approach"

A member of the Executive Committee of PKK, Duran Kalkan, spoke to Medya Haber about the latest developments in the region.

Kalkan congratulated at the beginning of the seventh anniversary of the July 19 revolution in Rojava. "Threats continue, there are military mobilization on the border, they say they will destroy and eradicate of Rojava, we are confident that the peoples of the region will confront all forms of fascist attacks and genocidal attacks and defend free life as a commitment to the democratic nation's approach."

Kalkan also commemorated the martyrs of the Pirsûsê massacre and pointed out that this massacre was not the only one committed by Daesh mercenaries and MIT Turkish intelligence.

During his speech, Kalkan focused on the relationship between the Turkish state and Daesh mercenaries. He referred to the international forum on Daash, which was held in the city of Amouda this month. He noted that the atmosphere of despair was dominating the forum, He called for the absorption and realization the truth of Daesh "dictatorship coalition" Bajalji and Erdogan, "seeks to perpetuate its existence through the massacres

During the First World War, the fascism of the nation-state established over the massacres of genocide that were perpetrated against the Kurds, Armenians, Romans, Assyrians and Syric. It also cast a shadow over the 20th century. Humanity fought during the 20th century and Mussolini and Hitler were overthrown, but humanity was not liberated from the source of this mentality and policy. The alliance of the AKP and the National Party in Turkey is one of the symbols of this mentality and politics, and Daesh that emerged in Saudi Arabia is part of this mentality.

Kalkan also spoke about the martyrdom of a member of the Presidential Council in the Kurdistan Community Union Diyar Gharib and members of the Committee on Foreign Relations, pointing fingers to certain parties that helped the Turkish intelligence MIT to reach Qandil mountains "What does intelligence Turkish MIT in Qandil and Bhdinan? These areas under the control of PKK, which means that they have received assistance from one side, and this is clear, if intelligence Turkish MIT did not get help from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Kurdistan National Party will not be able to attack Qandil.

"As long as Kurdistan is being exterminated in Rojava and north and east of Kurdistan, the south of Kurdistan will not be able to live freely," Kalkan said. "It is not possible all of us to live freely or even to live alone, everyone must recognize this fact and this danger, and to address the wrong policies and guide their political leadership in the right direction. They should not allow Turkish agents and spies to move there, they are the enemies of the Kurds They should not be allowed to stay there. Every client and spy of Turkey must be treated like agents and spies of Saddam.



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