Due to IDPs increasing, al-Holl administration expanded its distance,

Al-Holl camp's administration sought to form the sixth and seventh sectors after the IDPs continued to reach the camp, which reached 44,000 displaced persons and refugees, while the organizations ignored the camp.


The number of residents of al-Holl camp, east of al-Hasakah, reached 44,000 refugees and displaced persons from various areas of Syria and Iraq. As al-Jazeera Tempest continued and the Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces were released to civilians held in the last stronghold of IS mercenaries and who were used by mercenaries as human shields, the number of displaced persons in the camp is increasing day after day.

Due to the increase in the number of displaced persons, the camp is no longer able to absorb this number. Therefore, due to the disregard of the organizations, the camp administration managed to support the Democratic Autonomous Administration by expanding the camp. Where two new sections were formed in the camp on an area of 30 square kilometers, accommodates 8,000 people, and tents are set up there.

In this context, the member of al-Holl administration, Berzan Abdullah said "The capacity of the camp is 39,000 people, but the number has exceeded that. Today, more than 44,000 displaced people and refugees have arrived,"

Abdullah pointed out that the camp administration decided to establish two new sectors, sixth and seventh.

Barzan added that the work began in the processing of the sixth and seventh distance and their estimated area of ​​30 kilometers will include about 8,000 people.

At the end of his speech, Barzan Abdullah called on all organizations to provide assistance to the displaced and refugees fleeing the battles of the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.



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