Drone bombs civilian facility in Qamishlo, worker wounded

A Turkish drone bombed a civilian facility for the manufacture of electrical cables in Qamishlo city, and as a result, a civilian was wounded, and he was taken to the hospital for receiving the medical treatment.

On Thursday evening, an explosion was heard at about 18:30 in the Swiss Canal neighborhood, east of Qamishlo, which was found to have been caused by a shell fired by a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation at a civilian electrical cables manufacturing facility. In addition, one of the workers was wounded in the bombing.

The citizen Sheikh Zein, one of the workers of the facility, explained to our agency ANHA: "There was a drone hovering over the facility for several hours, then the facility was bombarded by a shell and one of our comrades was seriously injured and he was transferred to the hospital."

Sheikh Zein emphasized that the facility is civilian and dozens of residents work there, denouncing the acts of the Turkish occupation against the


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