Dozens of IS' foreigners surrendered to SDF

Large numbers of IS' elements have surrendered themselves to SDF fighters, most of them are from foreign nationalities who had insisted on fighting against SDF.


The last battle against IS is still advancing in the last pocket which is under IS' domination in al-Baguz village, while the region is witnessing the fiercest direct clashes between SDF and IS' mercenaries, in coincidence with surrendering large numbers of IS themselves to SDF.

On Tuesday night, dozens of mercenaries surrendered to SDF after the resumption of the battle against IS on the 11th of this month.

Among these mercenaries whose number reached about 500 IS' mercenaries, there were dozens of foreign nationalities, including Russian, Asian countries, South Africa, and some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

On Wednesday morning, IS mercenaries who had surrendered themselves to SDF were transported to SDF's HQ after taking their data.

It is worth mentioning that the battle of decisiveness declared by SDF against IS is ongoing, and the fighters are still inflicting harsh blows deep into the last pocket controlled by IS.



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