Dohuk court sentences Mulla Nazir, Gonish to 7 years in prison

 The Dohuk court of the Kurdistan region sentenced to seven years in prison a member of the Zakho branch of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mulla Nazir Barwari, and a member of the Peoples' Democratic Party, Nemat Gonish.

 The authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Dohuk arrested a member of the Zakho branch of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on the February 11th of last year.

 As for Nemat Gonish, who has been living in Zakho since 2009, the Asayish forces in Zakho demanded that he leave the Kurdistan region and go to Northern or Western Kurdistan, but he went to Hewler due to the pressure of the Democratic Party (PDK) in Zakho.

 In Erbil, the Asayish forces summoned him, under the pretext of signing, and during his review of the Asayish center, he was arrested on February 2, 2021.

 Today, Sunday, the Dohuk court sentenced Mulla Nazir and Nemat Gonish, to seven years in prison, under the pretext of dealing with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

 "I was present at the court session, and there was no evidence to prove the accusation against Mulla Nazir and Nemat," said Haji Nabi, brother of Mulla Nazir.


 Source: Roj News

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