Documents show correspondence between ISIS and Turkey

Secret documents showed that 2 ISIS' elements had been assigned by ISIS leader whose task is to send intelligence ISIS' elements to Europe in particular to Germany through Turkey.

In secret documents obtained by our agency ANHA, correspondence between ISIS and a Turkish official appears on the orders of ISIS's leader in Iraq and Sham Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed on the evening of October 26 in the village of Barisha, Idlib, under the occupation of the Turkish occupation army mercenaries, which Erdogan claimed to be even a bird cannot fly in this area without our permission.

Documents edited under the name of "Department of Displaced Persons in the State of Al-Khair" include instructions for smuggling mercenaries, especially intelligence personnel (security personnel who are mercenaries working in the field of gathering information, documenting facilities and locations, identifying coordinates, and planning mercenary operations).

According to the document dated 18 of Safar in 1437 according to the Hijri calendar, corresponding to November 30, 2015 "according to the aforementioned statement of the Commander of the Faithful instructs brother Ansari Hussein Mohammed Al-Ali to travel to Turkey and from there is tasked to send security brother who is in Turkey and determine The destination of his travel to Germany to work on the statement of the Leader of the Faithful. "

Turkey is the safe route for ISIS mercenaries to reach Europe and vice versa

It is clear from these documents, which were ordered by Baghdadi, that mercenaries must go to Germany through Turkey to organize their activities in Europe.

Previously, there were many documents and evidence that the mercenaries who came to Syria from Russia, North Africa and the rest of the world, and committed massacres in Syria and Iraq, were entering Syrian territory through the Turkish state and its President Erdogan, and were supplied with weapons and ammunition from inside Turkish territory.

For example, a mercenary named Elias Aydin, nicknamed Abu Obeida, who was arrested earlier in May 2019, pointed to the relationship between ISIS and the Turkish state on the border, especially the relationship between ISIS and Erdogan.

'We used to trade on the border with Turkish intelligence'

"The border was under our control, and we were in contact with the Turkish intelligence services, "MIT", said mercenary Abu Obeida.   We were meeting with them and we were buying everything from explosives, chemicals, medicines, and treating the wounded through Turkey. "

The mercenaries, Elias Aydin, said at the time that ISIS was organizing the entry of elements into Syria through Turkey, as well as the attacks they were carrying out through the Turkish state.

The relationship between Turkish intelligence and ISIS branch in Turkey

In order for ISIS mercenaries to organize their dirty practices and organize their foreign relations in a smooth and coordinated way, mercenaries opened a special organization in Turkey as the “Turkey Office”, or what they call the “Turkey Table”, and prepared their own cadre.

"The list of attacks that would have been carried out at the outset was presented to the Turkish Intelligence Service," said Elias Aydin.

In addition, the former US envoy to the International Coalition against ISIS Brett McGurk, during a seminar on October 20, revealed the relationship between ISIS and Turkey, saying: "I managed the International Coalition campaign against ISIS. Turkey has allowed 40,000 passes." "They came from 110 countries across its airports and then headed to the Syrian border."

Brett McGurk also explained that: “ISIS Caliphate was on the Turkish border. We worked with Turkey and visited Turkey more than any other country to urge them to close the border, but they did not. Turkish officials said they could not close the border despite repeated coalition demands

. Dissident confessions revealed that ISIS had set up a border camp between Syria and Turkey to train suicide bombers. one French detainee says : He was in this camp and saw groups receiving military training and expertise to send them to Lebanon, Libya and other cities in the Middle East,"



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