Documentation of Violations Center: Crimes in Afrin are within jurisdiction of International Criminal Court

The Center for Documentation and Violations in Northern Syria explained that what is happening in Afrin and the "Euphrates" mercenaries in northern Syria are daily violations classified as crimes against humanity and war crimes, and that Turkey committed crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in Afrin.


During the last day of the forum, a report on Turkish violations in Afrin and northern Syria was read in figures prepared by the Documentation and Violations Center in northern Syria.

The report was read by a member of the Center for Strategic Studies Manal Haj Ali.

The text of the report:

"Turkish forces continue with their armed Syrian gangs to commit more crimes in Afrin area against the local population. These horrific violations include killings, kidnappings, torture, indiscriminate raids, forced displacement, expropriation of public and private property, and organized cultural repression against the social identity of the residents of Afrin.

What is happening in Afrin and the areas of "the Euphrates Shield" in northern Syria are daily violations classified as crimes against humanity and war crimes. This is not limited to killing, exile, imprisonment and torture. It is motivated by forcible displacement to complete the process of demographic change"

The Center for Documenting Violations in Northern Syria, through its field monitors, was able to monitor and document hundreds of violations from the moment of the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state. The monthly abstracts were published starting in June 2018, providing precise details of the various cases.

A preliminary statistic included monitoring the violations committed by the Turkish armed forces with Syrian gangs that had previously fought under the banner of the Free Army, or IS in Afrin during the period from June 1 to  November 30 of this year:

(150) killings of civilians, including the elderly, 15 women and 22 children, and documented (4,200) of the abduction and arrest. And (900) cases of injuries as a result of raiding houses, mines, or fragments of explosives or as a result of being beaten by militants.

In addition to documenting 76 cases of internal fighting among armed gangs in the residential neighborhoods, documenting the conversion of 45 educational and civil centers into military headquarters and confiscating 220 houses and turning them into prisons or military centers. 55 cases of deliberate burning of property, as well as the destruction of 44 houses and (1,200) graves were documented, and the residents of dozens of villages are not allowed to return to their homes.

And (22) bombing by Turkish aircraft near populated areas.

In addition to the imposition of ransoms under the name of Zakat, the displacement of the population from their homes to convert them to religious centers, forcing the Yazidi people to pray, preventing people from going to their orchards and preventing harvest, confiscation of their land and investment and seizure of their property and homes. Confiscation and sale of olives and trees.

Cases documented by name, photographs, and testimonies represent only 30% of the number of violations taking place on the ground. The new settlers are also involved in the attacks on the Syrian armed forces, the seizure of civilian houses, the eviction of their land, the harvesting of their lands and the reaping of their crops and trees. They are considered participants in these crimes and will bear their legal and moral consequences.

Turkey committed crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in Afrin.

Turkey's actions in Afrin are a clear example of crimes against humanity. If the world believes in the values of its institutions, it will call a spade a spade: as they are, stop them, and ensure perpetrators are held accountable."



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