Displacement took place under the auspices of countries like Turkey and Qatar

The head of the executive office of the Future Syria Party, Al-Jazeera branch, said that the displacement that took place in Syria was sponsored by some countries such as Turkey, Qatar and Russia over the past years, and affirmed that their party seeks to keep Syria united with its people, its land and its various components.

Under the title "Forced displacement and forced displacement", the Future Syria Party organized a symposium in the city of Hasaka in the city's elite restaurant.

The symposium was attended by the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Gabriel Shamoun, and the head of the executive office of the Future Syria Party, Al-Jazeera branch, Muhammad Al-Zoba'a, and members of civil and military institutions, political parties and clan elders.

The symposium started with a minute of silence, followed by a lecture on forced displacement by the head of the Executive Office of the Future Syria Party, Al-Jazirah branch Muhammad Salih al-Zoba'a, who said, “Forced displacement is a practice carried out by governments, paramilitary forces, or racial, religious, or sectarian fanatic groups, as an evacuation aim. It is legal for a group of individuals and residents of the land on which they reside and replace other groups in their place.

Al-Zoba'a pointed out that the displacement that took place in Syria and under the auspices of some superpowers changed the demographics over the past years, and continued, "The displacement agreements were mostly sponsored by Russia, and other parties such as Iran, Turkey and Qatar participated, by transferring the indigenous population to the areas besieged by the regime." ".

Al-Zoba'a noted that the goal of the Turkish occupation of its occupation of the city of Afrin is to displace its indigenous people and conduct a demographic change in the region, as it practiced kidnappings, extortion, and changing the demographic makeup in Afrin against all components in Afrin, especially the Kurds.

Al-Zoba'a noted that the areas in northern and eastern Syria, which are protected by the SDF and the Democratic Autonomous Administration, embrace all components of the Syrian people who live in peace, security and mutual coexistence that were not escaped from Erdogan's plans that will only calm down by killing the Syrian people and destroying their cities.

"In October 9th, the Turkish aggression began with the factions loyal to it to invade towards the border areas, used internationally prohibited weapons, planes and heavy artillery, abandoned its indigenous people, and settled the mercenaries. The date of the 12th of October witnessed the assassination of the Secretary-General of the future party of Syria, Hevrin Khalaf, along with its driver, the martyr Farhad Ramadan, is being brutally and inhumane by the armed factions affiliated with the Turkish aggression. "

Al-Zoba'a said that they are in the Future Syria Party fighting with all capabilities, and cooperating with all the good people of Syria and the world to fight this kind of terrorism practiced by Erdogan, Iran and Russia government against the people of Syria.

At the end of his speech, the head of the executive office of the Future Syria Party, Al-Jazirah branch, Muhammad Saleh Al-Zoba'a, stressed the need for Syria to be united with its people, its land and its various components, "We bring together the principles that we believed in and represented by the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence, and we seek with all international parties to return the displaced to their homes and homes with dignity, love and safety, as we seek to create a prosperous future free of sectarianism."

At the end of the symposium, two TV shows were presented on the life of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf.



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