​​​​​​​Displaced women: Our message in 8th March is to escalate resistance, struggle against occupier

Displaced women in Newroz camp congratulated approaching of the 8th of March, and confirmed that their stay and steadfastness in the camps is a message against the Turkish occupation, and they said, "We will not celebrate like previous years, but our mission to escalate the struggle has increased."

Thousands of women in NE, Syria have been killed, kidnapped and displaced, following the recent attacks launched by the Turkish occupation on NE, Syria on October 9.

Eighty-eight families from Serêkaniyê, Tel-Abyed and and Afrin had been settled in Newroz camp in Deirk district, Qamishlo district, and they were being assisted by the camp administration.

Where the displaced women in Newroz camp manage their daily lives, you see those who prepare food, and you see those meeting and discussing the resistance of Serêkaniyê, Tel-Abyed and Afrin, and the hope of return still stick in their minds.

Coinciding with the International Women's Day which marks on the 8th of March of each year, in which the celebration of the uprising of women demanding their rights, and the ongoing resistance to this day, is celebrated. What is the message of displaced women in Newroz camp?

Displaced Ghazal Khader Mustafa from Te-Abyed said:" Although we are in the camps, and we are living in difficult conditions, we have great hope to return to Tel-Abyed, and she affirmed, "Our survival and resistance in the camps is a message of struggling to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and that we do not leave the land that was watered with martyrs' blood."

For her part, the displaced Newroz Ali from the people of Zarkan region congratulated the arrival of International Women's Day on all the women of the world, and said: "Although we will not be able to celebrate this day like the previous years, being far from our people and our homes, our mission to continue and escalate the struggle has increased, because with the strength and determination of women, fascism will be destroyed on our soil. "

And she pointed out, Newroz said that "during NE, Syria revolution, women achieved remarkable development at all levels, which posed fears for the Turkish occupation, and therefore it targets women every time."



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