Displaced women: Our existence in camps caused by occupation

Some displaced women say that the occupation targets the populated villages daily, the situation is no longer tolerable, their presence in the camps is caused by the occupation and that their great hope is to return to their villages soon.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to shell the areas and villages of Girê Spî and Ain Issa with artillery and rockets, and target the civilians’ homes.

Al-Fatsah and al-Hurriyya villages close to the contact lines in Ain Issa witness daily shelling, which causes the displacement of people from their villages towards the camps and other villages.

Our agency’s (ANHA) correspondent has met a number of families who have been displaced and are now residing in Girê Spî camp.

The citizen Sarah Hassen, from al-Fatsah village, located in Ain Issa district, said that the Turkish occupation’s shells directly targeted their village despite their presence in it.

Sarah Hassen confirmed: “The house of our neighbors was directly bombed, causing destruction in it, and several of them were wounded.”

At the end of her speech, Sarah said: “We had to go out of our village to Girê Spî camp where we are currently, and we hope to return to our homes.”

Our existence in the camps is caused by occupation

On the other hand, Zalkha Mostafa, a resident from Sherkrak occupied village said that her presence in the camp is due to the practices of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries.

Zalkha Mostafa pointed out: “There is no safety that helps us to stay in our homes. The practices of the occupation and the lack of services are the reason we left our villages and headed to the regions where safety is available.”


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