​​​​​​​Displaced woman: Civilians are victims in Idlib city due to battles

In recent years Idlib city and its countryside have witnessed violent battles between the Syrian regime and mercenary gangs backed by Turkey, and the refugees in the areas of NE, Syria, said the victims in these battles are civilians.

Despite all the agreements concluded, the region is still witnessing battles between the Syrian regime backed by Russia and the mercenary groups backed by Turkey, amid all these developments there are large waves of displacement for families to the north and east of Syria in search of a safe haven.

As a result of the recent escalation, more than 1500 displaced families reached the areas of NE, Syria, after the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDC, Mazloum Abdi, calling on the people from the Idlib regions to go to the areas of NE, Syria.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) continues to monitor the situation of the arriving displaced persons, as it held a meeting with the displaced Fatima al-Ahmad, aged 40 years), she is married and a mother of five children from the villages of Jabal al-Zawiya.

Fatima says: "We were displaced from our homes and lands, and the bombing above our heads reaping lives everywhere, and due to the severity of the bombing, my children and I were displaced with empty handed."

Fatima added: "The road was very difficult, and we found it difficult to pass through these areas due to the harassment of mercenary factions. We brought with us some basic needs, but on the road they were confiscated by the mercenaries."

Fatima indicated that they now feel safe in the north and east of Syria, after the people gave them homes in villages west of the city of Manbij as our assistance.

Speaking about the conditions in Idlib under domination of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries, Fatima said: "The situation in the Idlib areas is indescribable, the devastation is spreading everywhere due to the battles between the regime and the mercenaries."



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