Displaced: occupation mercenaries killed, displaced villagers

A family from al-Bab has witnessed violations and crimes of the Euphrates Shield mercenaries like looting, and forcible displacement from their homes.


On February 2017, the Euphrates Shield mercenaries of the Turkish occupation occupied al-Bab city.

The violation of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the civilians have increased since their occupation of Jarablus, al-Bab, and Afrin, and the displacement wave has increased since 2016, where thousands of civilians displaced to north Syria areas, especially towards Manbij city.

Among these displaced families, Nadwa Haj Hussain family, from al-Nabata of Arema district in al-Bab, they headed to Jub al-Thour west of Manbij city.

Turkish aircraft targeted the civilians' convoy and killed them

Nadwa, 40 years old, said," al-Bab city witnessed a great exodus wave during the IS control, even after the Turkish occupation of al-Bab city, it carried out air raids and bombed the civilians' homes, and committed massacres against them.

The civilians' convoys also had been targeted by the Turkish aircrafts, killing the children, women, and elderly people.

The Euphrates Shield mercenaries took the chance to loot the homes, livestock, cars, and the tractors.

Her 11-member family managed to survive the bombardment, she said," they looted everything, killed the residents, and even when we went out, we did not know where we were going." 

We do not go back to the criminals

We do not have the intention to go back there, the Turkish occupation said always that it will occupy Syrian north and east areas, and return the refugees there, we cannot live there. We saw how they dealt with the people."

At the end of her speech, she appealed to the international and humanitarian organizations to help them, take their situation into consideration and liberate their areas from the Turkish occupation.



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