​​​​​​​Displaced from occupied regions talk about inhumane practices

Displaced women from the areas of Selok and Sherkrak explained that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries treat the people in the areas under their control the most horrific treatment, stressing that they are inhumane, demanding the departure of the occupation and its mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to commit violations and inhumane practices against the civilians in the occupied areas on a daily basis, as displacement, torture, violation of rights and looting of properties by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries has been continuing since the last attack on the north and east of Syria on October 9, 2019.

Innocent people die as a result of the daily shelling

Displaced women from the occupied territories talked to Hawar news agency about the inhumane situations and practices of the Turkish occupation against the civilians in the occupied areas.

A displaced woman from Sherkrak confirmed that the conditions of civilians there are very bad. Attempts to seize and loot the properties of civilians by the mercenaries are continuing, along with bombing and intimidating the civilians.

The displaced woman who preferred not to reveal her name said: "We do not know what they want from us. Do they want us to get out of our land and hand it over to them? This is our land. With which right they occupy it?" She added: "Because of the Turkish bombing, a lot of innocent people die daily. The situation in our occupied territories is intolerable."

Let your grandson die

Another citizen who was forced to flee from the occupied Selok region added: "Many were forced to displace due to the Turkish shelling. The life there is so difficult, as the mercenaries drive patients out of hospitals and prevent them from obtaining treatment."

She confirms that the occupied areas have become curfews at night: "Since afternoon hours, no one dares to leave the house."

She explained that she had decided to get out of Selok after the mercenaries seized their land, and she talked about an incident that she lived there saying: "I took my orphan grandson who suffers from convulsion to the hospital, but the mercenaries dismissed me, and they said: Let him die, we do not care. This is a destiny, and I had to take him for a private hospital and treat him."

She stressed that the living conditions are very difficult, and food is restricted to the mercenaries and the people who work with them only, and pointed out that some people eat bread and water, even the humanitarian aid that reaches the area is seized by the mercenaries and sold to the people."

She stressed: "People die and are displaced, where is the humanity they are talking about, those people have no humanity."


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