Displaced: Erdogan's safe area was an argument for killing, displacing civilians

​​​​​​​A female citizen who had been displaced from her village in Tal-Abyed/ GIRÊ SPî district, said the safe area he was claiming was under false pretext just for killing and displacing civilians, and called on the international community and human rights associations to ensure their return to their homes and the expulsion of mercenaries from them.

On October 9, 2019, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched their attacks on the regions of NE, Syria, and Erdogan stated in this regard that he intends to establish a "safe" zone for Syrian refugees and to ensure the protection of its borders.

Aisha Muhammad, a resident of the village of Sukkariya in the occupied Tel Abyad region, was displaced with her family of 6 after their village was bombed by Turkey, Aisha says, "I am from Sukkariya, after Turkey bombed our village with artillery and warplanes, we left the area and entered the mercenaries of the National Army to it, we walked with many families until we reached a safe area in which an abandoned house we slept there our night, and in the morning we followed the path."

Aisha and her family chose to go to al-Shaddadi district in al-Hasakah canton and indicate that they chose it as being far from the Turkish border, which is a safe zone far from Turkey's mercenaries, and where their relatives live.

Several documents showed and confirmed that the elements of the Turkish mercenaries and the so-called National Army were former members of ISIS, who had fled to Turkey after the SDF campaigns to eliminate them.

 Aisha confirms that killing civilians and committing massacres against them are ISIS's own actions that they repeat in the name of the "Syrian National Army", and continues, "This indicates the return of terrorism with Turkish cover to our areas again."

At the end of her speech, the refugee Aisha Muhammad criticized the international silence towards the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, while she appealed to human rights organizations to provide assistance to them and ensure their return to their homes and the right to education for their children who were deprived of their studies after the attacks of the Turkish occupation.



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