Displaced Afrin residents: Turkey's ambitions increase amid world countries' silence

Residents of Afrin, who live in al-Shahba canton, rejected Erdogan's threats and said"We have seen what Turkey has done in the areas it has occupied under the name of the buffer zone," she said, pointing out that Erdogan's ambitions have increased amid the silence of the world.

Turkey renewed its threats to launch a military operation in the north and east of Syria, and in this context, Hawar news agency (ANHA) surveyed the views of the displaced Afrin residents and residents who are staying in al- Shahba camps.

Citizen Faiq Mustafa pointed out that Erdogan's goal of occupying areas of northeastern Syria is to extend his influence and break the will of the people there. He said: "Erdogan claims to establish a buffer zone, but we have seen his acts in the areas occupied as Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin and in the front of world's eyes."

In her turn, the citizen Farida Hasso said that Erdogan seeks from behind the occupation of the areas of northern and eastern Syria to the displacement of its people as it has already done against the people of Afrin.

For his part, Citizen Nazmi Brim stressed that the Turkish state since ancient times to this day targeting the Kurds through the language of threat that is being carried out by Erdogan currently. His goals are clear. "We will not abandon our right, our culture, our language and our regions," he said.

The citizen Nuzhat Mohammed said "The Turkish occupation has increased its ambitions to occupy the areas of northern and eastern Syria after its occupation of Afrin. We saw in Afrin the extent of the abuses suffered by the people of killing and looting."




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