Disintegration of a network of ISIS cells in a qualitative process

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched a qualitative operation arresting a network of ISIS mercenary cells who were preparing to launch attacks on civilians.

The SDF media center issued a statement regarding this process, in which it said:

"After a long observation, the counterterrorism forces launched a qualitative operation against the ISIS sleeper cells, who were bringing in and trading in illegal logistical tools, weapons, and ammunition. Our forces targeted the logistical lines and ammunition of the ISIS merchant network who, with the help of these tools, were launching terrorist attacks on civilians. In the end, they were arrested. The perpetrators were confiscated, several mercenaries were arrested, and forces captured weapons, ammunition, and communication and organizing equipment.

With this successful operation, several plans and attacks that mercenaries were preparing to carry out were foiled.



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