Diseases are increasing, Avrin Hospital needs help

With the onset of the summer and rising heat, diseases have increased in the canton of al-Shahba. Avrin Hospital treated 1,6644 cases in June amid demands for drug and equipment support for the hospital to better serve health and medical services, as it is the only hospital in the canton.

The Avrin hospital in al-Shahba district is densely crowded with people who are coming for receiving treatment from the diseases that have spread in the canton such as "intestinal infections, diarrhea, , bronchitis and sunburn". The hospital provides treatment to the people and demands support.

These diseases come in the light of the continued lives of the people in the camps and semi-destroyed homes, after the aggression on Afrin and forcing the people to leave their homes forcibly.

All patients are treated and given medicines free of charge in the absence of medicines and medical devices.

The doctor at Avrin Hospital and Internal Medicine Specialist Azad Sabri, talked to our agency (ANHA) about the cause of the increase in diseases and how to treat them "First of all, the devastation in this region caused the spread of diseases, where the infrastructure of this region was destroyed," he said.

Sabri pointed out that diseases in the summer are caused by unclean drinking water and rising heat, especially in the camps. "There is great pressure on Avrin Hospital due to the lack of private hospitals and even the public, and although the hospital is working hard 24 hours to meet the requirements of patients, that it is still not enough due to the lack of specialists in medicine, in addition to the lack of quantities of medicines and medical devices, which leads to an increase in diseases.

Sabri concluded his appeal to all humanitarian organizations to consider the conditions of the people of al-Shahba canton and support them with medicines and medical devices as soon as possible.



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