Discussions in the Security Council on a draft resolution demanding a ceasefire in Idlib

Diplomats said that discussions have begun this week among some members of the UN Security Council on a draft resolution demanding a ceasefire in Idlib, Syria, at the initiative of Kuwait, Germany and Belgium.

The draft resolution also aims to stop attacks on medical facilities in this area in northwestern Syria, and to demand warring parties to protect civilians and medical personnel, according to the same sources.

This comes as the Security Council is supposed to hear on Thursday reports on the humanitarian situation in Syria and the progress of political mediation by the UN envoy Geir Pedersen.

"We need a solid decision," said a Western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, stressing the need to put Russia in the corner to stop practices against civilians and civilian installations.

Another diplomatic source said that a first meeting of the members of the Security Council is supposed to be held before the end of this week.

Idlib falls within the fourth de-escalation zone that Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed to hold in the fourth round of the Astana series of meetings in May 2017. Mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, which is on the international terrorism list) control more than 90% of Idlib's area where Turkish observation posts are located.

Since April 30, regime forces, with Russian support, have launched a military operation in the region to implement the Sochi Agreement signed between Erdogan and Putin in September 17, 2018, to create a demilitarized zone at a depth of 15-20 km and remove mercenaries and heavy weapons from it, after Turkey failed in the implementation of its obligations.

Since the beginning of August, following the collapse of a ceasefire in that area, regime forces and Russian support have advanced and regained control since 2012 of some strategic towns and villages, including Khan Sheikhoun and Murk, where there is a Turkish observation post, and continue to pogress in the region.

Remarkably, Russia has thwarted all Security Council attempts to pass resolutions on Syria by using its veto.

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