Dirar: We will continue to defend, protect country's unity

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Dirar, explained that they are counting on real opposition to bring Syria to safety.

Dirar joined the National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates, held in the city of Hasakah, via skype.

Dirar considered the conferences to be a separating stage between two phases, and this conference separates two phases, the first being the region’s experience in self-management and the second phase is seeking to develop and reach the goals of this administration in providing security and stability and providing a service ground for this project.

Dirar pointed out that the seminars held by Syrian Democratic Council "gave a democratic image to all segments of society, through the participation of all community activities, including those who are not within the Autonomous Administration and its institutions."

Dirar stressed the respect of "all the opposition parties, and we must all work together."

He stressed his continuous endeavor to preserve unity: “We expressed this to all parties, internal and external bodies, and governments, to the opposition, and we rely on the true opposition working for Syria, and extend our hand to it to achieve the goals of this revolution in obtaining dignity and freedom.”

Dirar emphasized that "their efforts in defending the country and preserving its unity are continuing," adding, "We confirm that we are in a revolution, and we are still working in the spirit of the revolution, and we do not work with the mentality of the state, which will bring us to safety."



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