Diplomat: Turkey is trying to seize Afrin exploiting Russian silence, regime must express its position

The official in the diplomatic relations of the region of Afrin Mohammed Hassan said that the Turkish occupation and through the construction of buffer walls in Afrin aims to seize and annex Afrin to Turkey, taking advantage of Russian silence, and demanded the Syrian regime to express a strong and clear position on it.

This came during an interview conducted by the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) with the official in the diplomatic relations committee of Afrin region Muhammad Hassan on the post-deterring Daesh, and the continuing abuses and crimes of the Turkish occupation in occupied Syrian territory in general and Afrin in particular, and his vision for the future of the region.

One of the signs of the liberation of Afrin is the fall of Erdogan in the local elections

Muhammad talked about Afrin and said, "The early signs of the liberation of Afrin canton came through the fall of Erdogan's AK Party in the recent municipal elections in Turkey and the victory of the opposition in four major cities. This is evidence of the collapse of Erdogan's occupation and expansionist project in the region."


After Daesh was defeated, Turkey will support sleeper cells

"The defeat of mercenaries in Syria has had positive implications for the maturity of democratic thought among the components of Syria," he said. "At present, mercenaries are now geographically defeated after the resistance of SDF, but its cells are still alive, , so it is through these cells continue in its battles against the democratic trends in the region , and Turkey will continue to support these cells to sow discord and chaos in all liberated areas.

Turkey exploits Russian silence and builds walls to seize Afrin

On the violations of the recent Turkish occupation in Afrin and the construction of buffer walls and its objectives, Mohammed said: "The imposition of a cement collar on Afrin indicates the exploitation of Turkey the silence of the Russian and thus implement its plans in an attempt to seize Afrin and annexed it to Turkey, similar to the Iskenderun after the demographic change followed by Turkey since its occupation ".

"Erdogan wants through these policies to transfer his internal problems and crises beyond the borders of Turkey to cover his failure in domestic politics, so he is trying hard to annex Syrian territory to Turkey and change the demographics of the region by changing the owners of land and property in addition to looting the occupied territories to support his  collapsed economy ".

If the regime wants Syria's unity, it must show its clear position

As for the Syrian regime's silence about the demographic changes and the Turkish violations in the occupied territories, Muhammad said: "If the Syrian regime really wants to preserve the geographical unity of Syria, it must express a strong and clear position on Turkish violations and the Russian silence towards it."

The Syrians should support Syrian-Syrian dialogue

As for Syria's future, Mohammed said: "The region is moving under the international contradictions in their policy and strategic interests to escalate military matters in Syria, so we wish all Syrian to adopt the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to confront any external plans aimed at dividing Syria. The new constitution must be put by all components of the Syrian people."



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