​​​​​​​Did Erdogan admit that his Ottoman grandparents committed Sefo massacre?

Erdogan became confused about his mind and his tongue, as a result of his direct and indirect confessions by converting the Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a mosque, and his statement that the survivors of the Sefo massacre are "remains of the sword", so the question remains here if the Justice and Development Party (AKP) does not admit that it committed any massacre, what is the source of the phrase "sword remains?"

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not know on any feet he dances; on the one hand, he turned the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul into a mosque, and on the other hand he admits to the crime, when he accuses the grandchildren of the survivors of the Sefo massacre of terrorism using the phrase that is said to incite Hatred, after denying the massacre committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 against the Armenians.

Hagia Sophia Cathedral was founded by the Christian Emperor Justinian, and it was opened on December 27, 537 AD. This cathedral has been the largest temple in the Christian world for more than a thousand years.

On July 10 2020, the Turkish President Erdogan announced the conversion of the Hagia Sophia Church to a mosque, and he held the first Friday prayer on the 24th of the same month.

External criticism of Erdogan's decision

International responses to this move continued to criticize Erdogan's decision to convert the Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a mosque despite a warning from American, French, Russian and Greek officials, as well as the opposition of churchmen, and Erdogan remained rejecting foreign international warnings.

The Greek Minister of Culture Lina Mandoni said in this context that the Turkish decision to convert the Hagia Sophia into a mosque is "an outright provocation to the civilized world."

The Vice-Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Joint Official of the Syriac Union Branch of al-Hasakah, Gabriel Shamoun, denounced in a statement to Hawar news agency the work done by Erdogan, affirming that this "provocative act shook the feelings of all Christians in the Middle East and the world in general."

The United Nations must stop criminal acts against Christians

Shamoun refused to turn the Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a mosque or vice versa, noting that this strict religious thought is tantamount to denial, marginalization and exclusion of a religious or national component in the region, and continued: "Erdogan and his government's work brings back to our minds the Ottoman ideas that committed a lot of ruin and backwardness in the region."

The project of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the regions of north and east Syria includes all religions and nationalities. Freedom of belief and religion are among the most fundamental principles on which it is based.

Erdogan's threat is a hint of the return of genocide against minorities

During one of the press conferences, Erdogan used the most insulting phrases saying: "We will not allow the terrorists from the remnants of the sword in our country to try to carry out their terrorist acts. Their number has decreased, but they still exist."

Erdogan's goal in using this phrase is an indication and suggestion that the genocide of religious and ethnic minorities fighting for dignity, freedom and living in an egalitarian society can be restored, and that the phrase incites religious and ethnic hatred and puts the lives of many people at risk, according to observers.

Erdogan is the heir of the Ottomans

Gabriel Shamoun denounced Erdogan's statement during his press conference, and considered his phrase as an "insult" to the Christians, Armenians and Assyrian Syriacs present in the Middle East.

Shamoun added: "Erdogan is the heir of the Ottomans and seeks to restore the Ottoman Sultanate."

At the end of his speech, Shamoun called on the countries of the world to work to stop the crimes committed by Erdogan against Christians in the Middle East, and against all peoples who seek to achieve their rights in their historic homeland and on their soil, and said: "Countries should provide assistance to these peoples to rise again and be able to end these ideas."

The questions that need answers remain that if the Justice and Development Party does not admit that it committed any massacre, what is the source of the phrase "sword remains" ?, and what is meant by the phrase?? How can the president of a state pronounce the phrase "the remnants of the sword", which observers interpret as expressing his pride in the genocide committed by his ancestors against the citizens who only guilt is being different in religion?.



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