Dibo: Syrian clans sent message to Damascus to hold dialogue, not reconciliations 

The member of Public Relation's Office in the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Sihanok Dibo has pointed out that those who attended the meeting of the Syrian clans' forum were authentic and patriotic Syrian tribes which sent their message to the regime in Damascus that

"they are ready for dialogue leading to the solution of the crisis and not to conduct reconciliations," pointing out that regime's statements regarding the forum came to hold them responsible in the failure of the meetings on resolving the crisis.

On Friday, a meeting of the Syrian clans was held under the slogan "Syrian Tribes Protect Society and Its Social Contract" in the town of Ain Issa, under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), and with the participation of about 70 tribes and an authentic Syrian clan of various ethnic components in the Syrian areas.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the member of Public Relation's Office in Syria Democratic Council (SDC) Sihanok Dibo, who talked about the mechanism of the forum's process, and the statements released by some parties about the forum.

He described the meeting as positive in achieving the goals set by the preparatory committee.

He pointed out that it was a forum and not a conference as described by some, pointing out that there is a wide difference in terms of formulation, tasks and decisions resulted from it.

He pointed out that the attendees of the forum are the different national Syrian tribes of the first row and dignitaries of the Syrian society in all its sects and ethnicities.

He pointed out that the goal of (SDC) from the forum is to "clarify its strategy after eliminating the existence of Daesh mercenaries geographically, the constant emphasis on the national constants and the rejection of conspiracies that are planned against the Syrian areas in general and north and east of Syria in particular."

"The Autonomous Administration is the best form to take out Syria from its dividing reality"

"AA is the best way to take out Syria from its reality of fragmenting," said Dibo.

Stressing that "the accusations against AA's areas of division are invalid and incorrect, and that the AA rejects partition and fights regional agendas aim at dividing Syria by aspirations that do not serve the Syrian society."

"We are ready for dialogue, not for reconciliations"

Dibo has explained that another objective of the forum is to "direct a message to the authority in Damascus that we are ready for any dialogue or political process that will lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis that applies to it as a dialogue and not to reconciliations that succeeded in areas such as Kalamoun, Daraa and al-Ghouta."

He continued, "We seek to negotiate and resolve the outstanding problems, but under the supervision of the United Nations, and we are not ready for reconciliation as it wants, and the return of the regime is very central, which led Syria to massive destruction and we can see the Syrian bloodbath, which is happening now?

He stressed during his speech that the tribes that participated in the forum confirmed their positions on what is happening in Syria, and put their demands and strategy for the solution, and expressed their criticism to the "SDC" for development, stressing openness to those criticisms that preserve the achievements, which have been achieved.

"The Syrian regime hold the tribal forum its failure in the meetings on the crisis"

Dibo pointed out that "they aim to resolve the Syrian crisis according to negotiation and the political process by peaceful means, not as in the meetings held on the basis that they are a solution to the Syrian crisis; Astana and Geneva."

He pointed out that the meeting of the Syrian clans would not be the last. He pointed out that SDC was ongoing in this direction, in terms of bringing the points of view closer, to emphasize the national constants and cut the way for what was planned towards the achievements of AA, and that they were always keen that their means would be recognized, especially dialogue and negotiation in addition to achieving the greatest extent of the Syrian meeting.



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