Dibo: ENKS visit to Turkey is dangerous and inconsistent with Kurdish dialogue

 The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in Egypt Sihanouk Dibo explained that the visit of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) to Turkey does not coincide with the steps and stages of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, pointing out that the Turkish role is dangerous at this stage, and he called on the Council to review its stances.

 Despite the great progress in Rojava to reach Kurdish unity, the ENKS continues its reckless policies.

 The ENKS continues its frequent visits to Turkey, despite its knowledge that Turkey is the first enemy of the Kurdish cause, and it strives to thwart any Kurdish progress in Rojava and the rest of the parts.

 The Kurdish-Kurdish agreement progress did not prevent the Council once again from putting obstacles in the way of this progress, and calls for the abolition of the Kurdish curricula, as it forms part of the so-called Turkey supported "Peace and Freedom Front" to strike the Autonomous Administration (AA), and it conducted a visit several days ago to Turkey.

 The step and incorporation are shrouded in mystery

 The representative of SDC in Cairo Dibo explained to ANHA that "there is almost unanimity on the part of the group of countries and states interfering in the Syrian crisis to limit the Turkish role and count on this axis, due to the control of the Syrian coalition over the official opposition, which led to more failure to play the role that suits the Syrian opposition's role."

  Dibo added: "The move by the so-called Peace and Freedom Front to Ankara and meeting with officials in the Turkish Foreign Ministry is contrary to that trend, and we believe that this step or establishment is marred by more ambiguity in various aspects of procedural and organizational terms."

 The move is inconsistent with the Kurdish dialogue

 Dibo was astonished by how can bodies represented in previous blocs and coalitions form new ones at this stage, and he continued: "It must be clarified that a part of the Freedom and Peace Front, or what is meant by the parties of the Kurdish National Council to get engaged in a Syrian sovereign dialogue with the Kurdish National Unity Parties, which is the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue."

 Dibo noted that ENKS visit to Turkey is a step that "does not coincide with the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue progress that continue until this moment despite its slow pace due to many reasons."

 The Turkish role is dangerous and must be curtailed

 He pointed out that the main reason for the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue stalled is the Turkish intervention throughout the Syrian crisis, in addition to preventing and blocking any of the sovereign files, foremost of which is the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue.

 "This step almost contributes to narrowing the distances that must be expanded, and all Arab countries and the European Union assert that the Turkish role is dangerous and overstretched for the entire region, and it must be limited or marginalized," Dibo added.

  He noted, "According to some analysts and politicians, what is meant by this step is the post-Trump phase, which may result in a Turkish withdrawal from the areas it has replaced in Syria, in addition to dozens of international reports confirming that the mercenaries of the so-called Syrian National Army have committed crimes against humanity."

 At the end of his speech, the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Egypt, Sihanouk Dibo, called on the ENKS to review its account and look at the Kurdish role as a fundamental role in Syria, as it had a primary role in establishing the Syrian state about a hundred years ago.



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