Dialogue forum for elders, notables of al-Jazeera Region stressed on serious dialogue to resolve Syrian crisis

The Forum of Clans of Al-Jazeera Region concluded by issuing a final statement calling on the authorities in Damascus to open a serious and responsible dialogue with the Syria's Democratic Council(MSD), with a view to resolving the Syrian crisis and blocking any attempt that might prejudice Syria's security.

After discussing the political developments and the current reality, especially the Turkish threats facing the region, the work of the forum concluded with the issuance of a final statement read by the elder of Tai Clan, Hassan Farhan Abdul Rahman Al-Tai, the statement said, "under the auspices of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Body of the Elders, the activities of the Dialogue Forum for the Tribes of al-Jazeera North and East Syria, with the participation of more than 500 sheikhs and clans of tribes of Al-Jazeera region, was launched under the slogan "No to the Turkish Threats to Northern Syria, Yes to a Safe Syria, in Zana Lounge in the city of Qamishlo ,the attendees discussed the Turkish threats to northern Syria and the danger they pose to the gains achieved in northern and eastern Syria thanks to about 34 thousand martyrs and wounded from all Syrian components.

The statement added, " We, declare to the world public opinion that the emerging Turkish threats are contrary to the laws of Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria and at the same time to the Syrian sovereignty and the relevant international laws and covenants. until this moment. The rationale of the Turkish regime has become unfounded, and the Turkish regime has been unable to detect a violation by us that threatens the security of Turkey and all neighboring countries, the threshold of the threat has been and continues to come across the Turkish border since the resistance of Serekaniye in 2012 to the continued resistance of Afrin until this moment.

We call upon the people of Syria from Horan to Qamishlo to stand united against these threats, which will affect all parties and foremost Turkey. We call on the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and all human rights organizations to shoulder their responsibilities in this and work until ending the Turkish occupation of our areas in Jrablos, Bab, Azzaz, Idlib, Northern Hama and Lattakia, and Afrin that will not subside until a safe return of its original people. We call American-led International Coalition against terrorism to end the Turkish threat which is the biggest beneficiary of the return of ISIS.

We call on the authority in Damascus to open a serious and responsible dialogue with the MSD with a view to resolving our Syrian crisis and cutting off every attempt to prejudice our security and country and a decent return to Syria for all its components.

Finally, we renew the promise to stand by the SDF, where thanks to SDF we live in security and stability,  we support SDF in the face of the aggressors, we take pride in our beloved Syria and take pride in our common living and through the peoples' fraternity and the common destiny."


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