Despite lack of support, medical point in Tal Al-Samen camp provides services for the displaced

The medical point in Girê Spi refugees camp works to receive all the cases from its residents, in light of the available capabilities, and to provide preventive and precautionary instructions for its residents.

The medical point in Girê Spi camp of the Health Committee in Girê Spi canton consists of a 24-hour rotating medical staff, consisting of a doctor, pharmacist, and a number of assistant nurses, along with a gynecological clinic and a midwife, and receives about 100 cases every day.

Besides treating cases received at the clinic, the medical staff is educating families to follow specific medical guidelines and instructions to ward off the threat of coronavirus infection in the camp.

The pharmacist Fadel Jawish told Hawar news agency that the camp residents stressed on the necessity of applying the health precepts and the quarantine measures imposed by the Autonomous Administration to prevent the Corona virus.

"We seek to provide all medical services despite the lack of medical support that the relevant authorities provide, which the international medical organizations turn a blind eye to, and we appeal to provide medical support as required so that we can overcome this dangerous stage the world is going through with the spread of the virus in most of the countries of the world," Jawish added.

The medical point in Girê Spi refugee camp began its work on the fifteenth of last March, after the Red Crescent organization stopped working due to the lack of support provided by international humanitarian and health organizations.



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