​​​​​​​Despite harsh conditions, siege imposed on their villages they returned to home

The residents of Sherawa district's villages have affirmed to cling of their lands and insistence on returning despite the Turkish bombing and the siege of the regime forces, expressing that nothing compares to living on their land.

In spite of the difficult circumstances witnessed by the besieged villages in the Sherawa district (Burj al-Qas, Klotiyya, Kundi Mazen, Bashmara) in Afrin canton, about 70 people who were outside the country returned to their homes, insisting on resisting in confronting the Turkish occupation and its shells.

With Turkey's occupation of Afrin on March 18, 2018, the four villages (Burj al-Qas, Klotiyya, Kundi Mazen, Bashmara) belonging to Sherawa district, southeast of the occupied Afrin canton, remained besieged by the Turkish occupation on one side and the Syrian regime forces on the other.

Hawar news agency held interview with a number of returnees to those villages. The citizen Barakat Hamo, who is a resident of the village of Burj al-Qas, who recently returned from Lebanon, says: "With the beginning of the attacks of Turkey and its mercenaries, we were forced to flee from our village, and we went to Lebanon to keep our children in safety."

And he adds: "About a month ago I returned to my village of Burj al-Qas, we know that our villages are besieged and the conditions of the people are deplorable, but staying abroad and not returning serves the policy of the enemies to occupy our villages".

Hamo added that about 70 people returned from many countries, especially Lebanon, to the besieged villages in Sherawa district.

Ghazala Hussein, who is also returning from Lebanon with her young children for nearly two weeks, says that she prefers to live and stay in her village next to her family, despite all the circumstances.

"We went out of our homes, fearing for our children as a result of the Turkish attacks. We went to Lebanon and suffered the bitterness of alienation, but living in our villages is much better than alienation, no matter how difficult the circumstances are," added Ghazala.



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