Der Spiegel: Germany holds secret talks to send plane to guard "Syrian safe zone"

The German magazine Der Spiegel reports that Washington will hold secret talks with Berlin over the latter's participation in protecting and monitoring the safe area the United States wants to establish in northern Syria.

"Washington asked Berlin to support militarily the establishment of a safe zone in northern Syria," the magazine quoted unnamed diplomatic sources as saying on Thursday.

The United States wants to create a safe zone in northern Syria to protect its SDF allies in fighting Daesh organization.

According to Der Spiegel, "the German government recently informed Washington, through secret channels, its willingness to participate militarily in the establishment of this safe area."

"Therefore, the German government will expand the parliamentary mandate granted to its forces stationed in Jordan."

The magazine pointed out that the German government needs the approval of parliament to extend the mandate of the German forces in Jordan, because it ends in October, as well as the expansion of the mandate, which is currently limited to confront "Daesh" to include protection and control of the safe area.

"The German participation in the establishment of the safe zone in northern Syria and the Middle East issues will be the focus of the talks of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is scheduled to visit Berlin on Friday," the magazine said.

Pompeo is scheduled to meet in Berlin with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Haikou Mas.

Before the two countries reached an understanding on the creation of the safe zone, Americans have repeatedly asked the German government over the past months to participate in its establishment.

Washington's first request to Berlin was on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in mid-February.

US President Donald Trump proposed for the first time a 20-mile safe zone in the Syrian north in January.

Since that date, this area has not been established and no details of its establishment and protection have been made available to the public.


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