Demos in Al-Bab due to clashes which left casualties

A number of civilians were injured in the occupied city of Al-Bab after being targeted by live ammunition of the Turkey-backed mercenaries, after the residents took part in a demonstration in protest against the chaos and clashes in the neighborhoods of the city, and mercenaries declared a curfew in the area.

Chaos is prevalent in the areas occupied by Turkey stretching from Jarablus and Azaz to Afrin passing through al-Bab and Mare’, and these areas have recently witnessed large-scale clashes on the 26th of this month continue to this day, and the escalation of such clashes in Susian, northwest of the city of Al-Bab, and extended this morning to inside Al-Bab neighborhoods.

Dozens of residents of Al-Bab went out in a protest against the clashes that killed civilians and paralyzed the city's movement, as the clashes pervaded the neighborhoods of the city. This demonstration came with calls from the residents to stand in the face of violations by the Turkish occupation mercenaries.

Sources from the city confirmed that the mercenaries targeted the demonstrators with gunfire and there were no casualties.

Sources explained to our agency that the mercenaries declared a curfew in the city of Al-Bab.

According to local sources, the clashes resulted in the injury of two children with an RBJ shell that penetrated their house, and local sources confirmed that the clashes led to fires and various damage to the property of civilians and their homes, while the clashes continue.


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