Demonstration in Kobane condemning arrest of struggler Leyla Koven

Hundreds of women from Kobane canton went out in a demonstration organized by the Congra Star in Kobane city, denouncing the arrest of the parliamentarian in the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP) Leyla Koven by the Turkish Justice and Development Party.

Yesterday, the Turkish authorities arrested the parliamentarians of the Democratic People’ Party in North Kurdistan Leyla Koven and Musa Fares, hours after their parliamentary membership right was withdrawn from them.

Condemning the practices of the Turkish state against the parliamentarians, especially the Kurdish struggler Leyla Koven, hundreds of women demonstrated in Kobane city under the slogan “No to the violations of the Turkish state against the struggler Leyla Koven.”

Dozens of women, along with members of the Autonomous Administration and civil society institutions participated in the demonstration launched in Kobane city.

The demonstrators held pictures of the parliamentarian in HDP Leyla Koven, the flags of the Kongra Star, and banners with “Because of the vanguard of women, mankind got rid of ISIS’s brutality” written on.

The demonstration started from the Free Women square in the center of Kobane city, chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of Leyla Koven, and it headed towards the martyr Agîd square.

There, the demonstrators held for a minute of silence in tribute for the souls of the martyrs, after which the member of the General Coordination of Kongra Star in the Euphrates region, Rewshen Hajem, delivered a speech in which she said that “the Turkish state returned to practicing its repressive violations against the parliamentarian in HDP Leyla Koven in a brutal manner.”

Rewshen added: “Although life has stopped because of the Coruna virus, the Turkish state has not stopped its fascist policy towards the Kurds; killing, destruction, and attacks.”

At the end of her speech, she appealed to the human rights organizations and the women of the world to stand with the struggler Leyla Koven and liberate her from the prisons of the Turkish Justice and Development Party.

The Co-chair of the Energy Bureau in the Euphrates region, Nesrin Kanaan, delivered a speech on behalf of the Autonomous Administration, denouncing the brutality of the Turkish state against the struggler Leyla Koven and her comrades.

Nesrin pointed out that “the Turkish state has been combating the Kurdish people since ancient times to eliminate the Kurdish presence. In the recent period, it has strengthened its brutality towards the Kurdish parliamentarians in particular and the Kurds in general.”

She emphasized at the end of her speech that the Turkish state became afraid of the intellectual advancement of women and their free will; therefore, it has targeted the struggling and free women.



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