Demographic change continues… thousands of mercenary families transfer to Afrin

The mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation army continue to transfer their families from Idlib to Afrin, where more than 160,000 people have been transferred as part of the demographic change in the region.

 After the Syrian regime advanced in Idlib province and took control of Khan Sheikhoun city and other areas, mercenary gangs in Idlib transferred their families to Afrin canton's districts.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the mercenary gangs transported more than 160,000 people from Idlib to occupied Afrin, and were settled in the homes of Afrin residents within the districts and villages.

A local source from within Afrin, said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army had settled in the past two days about 1,800 people in the villages of Mersawa and Marimen belonging to Shara district.

Another source from Bulbul district, confirmed that the Turkish occupation army 's mercenaries are resettling the displaced and their families in the villages of "Hfarto, Zaari, Obeidan, Kurdo in Bulbul district, and on the border villages in Afrin and Janders.

In the district of Jendres, the source said that the Turkish occupation army set up a mercenary camp in the village of Muhammadiyah weeks ago, and now the mercenaries transfer their families to the same camp.

Faiylaq al-Sham mercenaries resettled dozens of mercenaries in the village of Qila, Jandres.

Mercenary families have been transferred from Idlib and their resettlement in the villages and districts of Afrin is part of the demographic change of the canton that started with the beginning of the occupation of the area.






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