Democratic Modernity: Turkey is betraying Syrian revolution in ugly manner

"Turkey is betraying the Syrian revolution in an ugly manner in order to tear it apart," the political board of the Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria said in a statement.

This came in response to Turkish threats to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

"The experience of Democratic Autonomus Administration has not started as a result of external will, but rather as a representation of the hopes of its people and a victory for their will for equality, dignity and freedom.

In previous times, Turkey betrayed the Syrian revolution by leaving it alone facing the criminality of the regime.

Our Arab people, our Kurds, our Assyrian Syrians, all the components of this free land, defend your experience and your will, resist the Turks and their agents, crush the invaders, declare it an existential war against the aggressors, resist to the last breath, resist in every city and town, in every street and house, resistance is a life."



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