Demo in Derik against occupation wall

Hundreds of people of Derik area demonstrated against the occupation wall which established by the Turkish state in Afrin.

Hundreds of residents of the Derik region gathered today in Azadi Square in the city to participate in a protest against the practices of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in Afrin from looting, robbing and displacing the people and building the partition wall.

The participants held banners reading "No to the Turkish Occupation in Afrin", "We will Step up the Resistance and Break the Wall and we will Liberate Afrin" in addition to the flags and pictures of the martyrs.

The demonstration began from Azadi Square in Dirk, passing through the streets of Dirk amid chanting "No to the Turkish occupation in Afrin. Long live the Resistance of Afrin."

The co-chair of Derik Area Council Abdul Rahim Mohammed delivered a speech and said that all the schemes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries aim to target the people of the region in north and east of Syria and the Turkish occupation state support al-Nusra and Daesh to shell the areas and occupied Afrin and the last violation of the Turkish occupation is building the occupation wall that aims to annex Afrin to the Turkish occupation.

Abdul Rahim pointed out that the goal of the Turkish occupation of the partition wall is the separation of Afrin from Syria, as the Turkish occupation to continue its crimes against the people of Afrin, and impose demographic change through the resettlement of its mercenaries in Afrin. He also called for an escalation of the struggle against violations of the Turkish occupation.

The demonstration ended with slogans saluting the resistance of Afrin and denouncing the Turkish occupation.



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