Delegation of Kongra Star visits al-Hol camp

On Sunday, a delegation from Kongra Star has visited the refugees' camp in al-Hol district to see the situation of the refugees and in particular IS' women to work on holding lectures and seminars and changing the mentality they have acquired for years.

In order to view the situation of refugee women in al- Hol camp, especially women who forced to surrender themselves and their children to SDF, on Sunday, a delegation from Kongra Star visited the refugees' camp in al-Hol in al-Hasakah canton.

The delegation included Avin Basho, Sherin Oso and Rejain Saleh, the administrators in Kongra Star Coordination.

The delegation was received by the co-chair of the camp's management in al Hasakah canton, Majeda Amin and the administrator in al-Hol camp Hamrin al-Hassen.

And about the purpose of the visit, the administrator in Kongra Star in al-Hasakah canton Sherin Oso said during an interview to Hawar news agency (ANHA), "In order to look at the situation of the displaced women, especially the women who have lived for years within the male authoritarian mentality and the marginalization of the role and importance of women in the society, we have been briefed on their situation."

Sherin said, "As Kongra Star, we saw that raising women's awareness is our duty, whether they were IS women or others, and to return them to their femininity, we saw that we should know women and the specificity of their thought and their reaction towards others."



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