​​​​​​​Deirona Qolinga epic about Turkish state oppression

Its soldiers tried to attack the village's property, and maliciously captured more than 40 people, but the villagers won and threatened a massive revolution if Turkey did not stop attacking their villages.

The Turkish state has a long history of attacking the neighboring countries and interfering in their affairs as it sees itself a guardian of the region's property, violating all covenants, in the midst of regional and international silence making of the components of the region its enemies.

The villagers of Deirona Qolinga, 18 km east of Tirbespiyê district remember that the Turkish state tried to attack their village and loot the village's livestock more than 60 years ago in the pretext that they were smugglers. They are proud of this historical epic by winning over the Turks and their response thanks to the solidarity of all Al Jazeera region people with them. The unity of components of Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians and Yazidis participated in the epic.

The story began when Turkish soldiers set fire in the crops of Girdeim village, 15 km northeast of the border area of Tirbespiyê in July 1955-1956. When the villagers rushed to put out the fire, the Turkish soldiers arrested them all including 3 children under the pretext that they were smugglers.

Sabri Ali Ahmed, a 90-year-old resident from Girdeim and one of Der Memaki clan notables, says that they were arrested while trying to put out the fire in their crops on the charge that they were smugglers. They were taken to the village of Bawerde in Bakur of Kurdistan, where the Turkish officer, Osman decided to attack Deirona Qolinga and loot the village pastures on the pretext that they were smugglers.

Turkish officer and 3 soldiers were killed

"When The Turkish soldiers attacked our village, all the villagers came out, took up their weapons and confronted the Turkish soldiers, during that,  the Turkish officer and three of his soldiers were killed while the rest of the soldiers fled.

Among the men who participated in the well-known epic in the area,  Shimon Mori; a Syriac from Bashiria, Mirza Yazidi, Youssef Hajiu, Khalil Sili and Ali Mirid. Sabri Ali Ahmed says that the Turkish warplane tried to bomb the village, but it mistook it as it was flying over Barone, opposite to Qamishlo instead of the village of Bawerde, opposite to the village of Deirona Qolinga.

The people of Al-Jazeera headed to Deirona Qolinga

The elderly Sayed Ismail said that after the news spread, thousands of residents from the region went from Derik to Amuda to help Deirona Qolinga carrying their individual weapons. Yacoub, the Syriac man was transporting the people through a "minibus" to the village.

Ali Ahmed said after killing the Turkish officer and his soldiers, the Turkish governor and his soldiers arrived with thousands of soldiers. He was surprised to see the crowds of villagers who threatened a massive revolution along the border. Al-Haju, well-known personality in the area, communicated with Shukri al-Quwtali, then-the president of the Syrian Republic. At that time, the governor demanded the body of the officer and soldiers in exchange for a cease-fire, but the people demanded releasing the innocent detainees. They promised the governor to release them with" the honor of the Turkish state". He did not keep his promise after receiving the body of the officer and soldiers and kept the detainees.

37 days of torture

Ali Ahmed says that during that period, they were subjected to all kinds of psychological and physical torture by Turkish soldiers. "They accused us of killing the Turkish officer, so the soldiers put their cigarettes on our bodies while the blood was spilling on the floor of the prison from the torture we were subjected to. The judge hit me and I said, "You are a judge, this is not appropriate for the judges, so he got angry and said, "Are you a lawyer?", Sabri said.

 After arriving in the northern city of Nuseibin in Bakur of Kurdistan, they brought them before a military court on charges of invading the border.

The people of the area did not stand idly by and demanded Damascus to interfere for releasing the detainees and threatened a massive revolution. After 37 days, the detainees were released, and Deirona Qolinga epic became a historic event for the ancestors and their descendants.

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