Deir-ez-Zor women: Just as ISIS defeated, Turkish occupation will be defeated

Deir-ez-Zor city's women have denounced the Turkish occupation 's practices in Afrin, by establishing of the separation wall, stressing that the aim of these practices is to separate Afrin from the Syrian lands.

The Turkish occupation state continues its practices and crimes in the occupied Afrin, and is now working on building the partition wall in order to separate Afrin from Syria. In this regard, women from Deir-ez-Zor pointed out that the aim of these practices is to consolidate the occupation and to annex Afrin to Turkish territories.

Fatima Mohammed from the village of al-Kasra, pointed out that Afrin is a Syrian city, it is part of the Syrian lands, and we will not accept to occupy more lands, and our struggle will be escalated till defeating of the Turkish occupation.

For her part, Siham Nawaf denounced the building of the separation wall and international silence towards these practices. And added "World countries are the partners of the Turkish occupation in these practices."

In her turn, Laila Khalaf, said "We will withstand in the face of any occupation on Syrian territories, we will continue to support our people in Afrin. Just as we defeated Daesh mercenaries we will defeat the Turkish occupation, thanks to people's fraternity and co-existence."



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