Deir ez-Zor ISF: our engineering units remove war remnants in Abu Khashab

The engineering units affiliated to the Internal Security Forces in Deir ez-Zor countryside in Abu Khashab town managed to remove the valve of a bomb from the remnants of the war following receiving information from one of the citizens.  

One of the citizens in Abu Khashab town in Deir ez-Zor informed on Saturday morning about the existence of a suspicious shape on the main street of the town, according to the Internal Security Forces.

On getting the information, the Internal Security Forces headed in corporation with the experts of the explosives to the place that situated near "Abu Khashab Bridge." 

A security circle was imposed around the place, and the street was entirely cut off in front of the public for their safety.

The engineering units started detecting the body and the vicinity, and they  found out a "bomb valve" that is of remnants of war as it weighed approximately 40 kg. The engineering units were able to remove it safely without any significant damage, and moved it to a designated place for destruction later.



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