Deir ez-Zor celebrates Labor Day

Hundreds of Deir ez-Zor residents have celebrated on the banks of the Euphrates River in the Al-Kasra area, the world Labor Day.

Hundreds of Deir ez-Zor residents, councilors, members of municipalities and the Internal Security Forces participated in the celebration organized by Deir ez-Zor Council on the occasion of May 1 World Labor Day.

Having stood a minute of silence, administrator in Abu Khashab camp Bashir Bakr said "This day is a historic transformation in the life of humanity, and a worthy occasion to celebrate, because it is the hands of the workers and the hard laborers that build the homelands. "

Afterwards, Laila Ahmed on behalf of the Youth Council in Deir ez-Zor congratulated the people of northern and eastern Syria on this occasion.

In her speech, Laila Ahmed called for the escalation of the struggle on the democratic nation's approach in order to promote coexistence among peoples and to build and protect the region.

The ceremony ended with the presentations by bands of the Youth and Young Women's Councils and dancing Dabkha.


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