Deir ez-Zor bid farewell Martyr Kalid al-Haj's corpse

Hundreds of residents of the town of Abu Khashab in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor bid farewell the body of the fighter in the Self-Protection Forces Khalid al-Haj to his last resting place in the shrine of martyr Kheder  al-Hammadeh.

Hundreds of residents of the town of Abu Khashab and the related villages families received the martyr Khaled al-Haj corpse, a combatant in the Duty of Self-Defense, who was martyred on April 5 during performing his military duties and headed from there to the martyr shrine of Kheder al- Hammadeh. The funeral ceremony started with holding a minute of silence coincided with performing a military parade

During the ceremony, the commander of the  Defense and Self-Protection Forces Delsher  delivered a speech began by offering condolences to the families of the martyr Khaled and wished them patience and solace.

Delsher pledged to walk on the path of the martyrs till achieving free life for their people.

During the funeral ceremonies many speeches were also delivered which pledged to maintain the gains which were achieved by the martyrs' blood.

Moreover, the martyr's document was read and delivered to his family amid chanting the slogans and trills of the mothers that glorify the martyrs.



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