Defense Post is optimistic about holding International Forum about Daesh

An article in The "Washington Post" reported that the International Forum about Daseh mercenaries in Amouda city in north and east of Syria, the ideas and programs developed in north and east of Syria will be combined with research and proposals from international experts. Deash mercenaries will be dealt as a global problem that requires global solutions

The article notes that despite the defeat of Daesh mercenaries militarily, but they still posing serious threat, massive areas were occupied by Daesh for more than 5 years, imposing their ideology on society and gaining open and secret support from sectors of the international community.

Now, north-eastern Syria is facing a growing insurgency from the sleeping cells of Daesh, and the burden of thousands of  foreign's Daesh mercenaries and their families in the camps, as well as some segments of the population which supported IS' ideology due to fear or brainwashing.

The war on terrorism did not win, the next stage is the most important

The newspaper stressed that it is necessary to eradicate Daesh mercenaries from here, in the region where it broke out, where the world relied on the north-east of Syria to lead the battles against Daesh as military force. Now, northeastern Syria needs the world to help him in the next critical phase.

More urgently, this means taking responsibility for the thousands of foreign's Daesh mercenaries are being held in detention centers by SDF and resolving the humanitarian crisis in al-Hol camp, where 11,500 women and children are tied with Daesh These prisons and camps are time bombs, where most Daesh mercenaries live together and conspire there, and their hardline mothers teach them the terrorism where they are growing quickly there.

There should be a broader support program for N, E of Syria

But there must be a broader support program for northeastern Syria. The redevelopment will lead to peace and stability in the region, enabling refugees to leave camps that quickly become hot spots for terrorism and are replaced by a democratic society in northeastern Syria, psychosocial and educational support programs must be developed to address IS' ideology.

There are many ideas that are being developed here in north-east Syria to overcome over Daesh, from an establishment of international court to try Daesh, to women's education programs in al-Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor. These programs must be supported by international cooperation, which will only be possible if N, E of Syria is granted a political status and recognized as a key partner in the war against Daesh.

Turkey's occupation of Afrin destabilized the region

The article notes that the occupation of Turkey and its Syrian mercenaries in Afrin led to the total destabilization of the region, which allowed the imposition of extortion, kidnapping, torture and violence at the expense of the social diversity, prosperity and secularism that Afrin lived before being occupied by Turkey. The occupation of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will destabilize the newly liberated areas of the region, creating ideal conditions for its re-deployment

More broadly, the political situation will enable northeast Syria - now surrounded by a Turkey-Syria-backed embargo - to open its borders to trade and investment. It will enable north-east of Syria to take its place at the negotiating table on Syria's future, and defend the interests of its 4 million people and propose its democratic and secular program led by women as the best guarantee against terrorism and state violence in the area.

Local residents presented more than 11,000 martyrs

The article points out that there are international talks about how to deal with a Daesh mercenaries but the most important voices are not heard - the voices of local residents who have lost 11,000 of their children, and are still on the front lines of the ongoing struggle to eliminate the terrorist organization.

Daesh is a global problem requiring global solutions

For this reason, Rojava Center for Strategic Studies receives more than 125 guests from 15 countries from three continents. The International Forum about Daesh mercenaries is the largest of its kind to be held in northeastern Syria. The forum will bring together counter-terrorism experts, policy makers, legal experts, religious and regional experts from around the world to the land where Daesh committed the worst crimes.

Lawyers with expertise in international justice mechanisms, senior policymakers, and international counterterrorism experts will meet with those who have direct experience in dealing with Daesh mercenaries. The forum will present proposals to address the security threat by Daesh in the level domestic, regional and international and discussing how best to deal with the remaining sleeper cells and eliminate Daseh ideology that promotes fundamentalism to maintain peace and stability in the region.

"The Kurds have set up an effective society to get out of the ashes of the Syrian war," said Michael Rubin, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. "This community can thrive if the international community lifts sanctions."

It is time to stop treating the Kurds as diplomatic football. They have earned their place on the table, and they have greater credibility than others to form a post-Daesh future.

This is something new for north and east of Syria, but we hope this is the first step for many in a continuous conversation between the region that has defeated Daesh and anti-Daesh mercenaries in all over the world.



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