Declaration of fighter's record martyred in Resistance of Age

The Democratic Society Movement (DEM-TEV) has organized a funeral ceremony for the fighter Dilgeş Qoto who was martyred on February 5, 2018 in Qastal Jendo village in Afrin during "the Resistance of the Age."


In the presence of the martyr's families and dozens of the Kurdish communities in Lebanon, DEM-TEV in the Lebanese governorate of Beqaa held on Tuesday a funeral ceremony for the fighter Dilgeş Qoto, in the ranks of YPG, whose no de guerre is Dilmêr Afrin, and who was martyred on February 5, 2018 during his participation in "Resistance of the Age."  

And the place was decorated by the pictures of the martyrs of YPG, YPJ who fought bravely against terrorism and the occupiers in Syria.

The ceremony began with holding a minute of silence.

Abdul Salam Ahmed, the member of the Diplomatic Relations in TEV-DEM pointed out to the beginning of 2018 and the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries' launching an attack on Afrin canton in order to occupy it, and he added, "The fighters of YPG and YPJ resisted strongly against the occupiers, but Afrin canton was occupied because of using warplanes intensively, and the violations are still ongoing against Afrin people."

And then the martyr's document was read by THE member of the Democratic Society Movement (DEM-TEV) Salim Hassen, and it was handed over to the family of the martyr for the funeral to end by repeating the slogans that glorify the martyrs.



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