​​​​​​​Deaths, infections with Covid-19 increased in Palestine, Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Health recorded an increase in the total number of deaths due to the coronavirus in Israel to 238, and infections to 16,314, while the total cases in Palestine reached 543.

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced, "The number of people infected with the coronavirus has increased, and the number of deaths from patients infected with the virus has increased, bringing the number of deaths to 238, the majority of whom are elderly."

It also stated, "The number of people with corona in Israel has risen to 16,314 cases, including 90 seriously ill patients."

The Israeli media, quoting medical reports, indicated that "10,527 Israelis have recovered from the virus, and that the number of the infected in the Israeli army has decreased to 82, all of whom are in stable condition, and that about 600 soldiers are quarantined."

In the same context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced yesterday evening: "5 new infections were registered with the coronavirus in al-Samu '"

It said in a statement: "With these infections, the total number of infections in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem has increased to 543, while the number of infections in al Samu 'has reached 16 during the past 48 hours."



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