Deaths amongst regime forces after explosion at Shi'irat airport

It was said that a violent explosion rocked the military-controlled airfields controlled by regime forces in the south-eastern Homs countryside, caused by an explosion of ammunition that led to deaths.

The state SANA News agency said that the ammunition that exploded was expired, during its transfer at Shi'irat military airport in the south-eastern Homs countryside, it exploded completely.

While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that during the blast 7 of the regime forces were killed as a preliminary result.

For its part, the network "Russia Today" quoting a military source, who preferred not to be named, that the explosion led to the fall of about 20 people, including officers.

Explosions occurred a year ago at Shi'irat military airport, caused by air strikes by guided aircrafts at the time, while the air defenses responded to the attack.

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