​​​​​​​Death toll of the Turkish attack on Tal Rifaat has risen to 3

The death toll from the targeting of a suicide drone of the Turkish occupation army on the center of Tal Rifaat district has risen to 3.

ANHA correspondent reported the martyrdom  of Fatima Othman Ma'mo (21 years), in Afreen Hospital in Fafen district.

Today, a suicide drone belonging to the Turkish occupation army targeted the center of Tal Rifaat district in Shahba Canton, which led to the death and injury of 9 citizens, including children and women.

According to ANHA correspondents, Rashed Aliko (28 years) martyred, while the identity of the other martyr was not known.

As for the injured, they are:

* Hussein Murad Qrouki (13 years old)

* Manan Rashid Hussein (57 years old)

* Aged Fakhry Sheikho (32 years old)

* Samer Abd al-Qader Rasho (31 years old)

* Zuhair Abd al-Rahman Mohammed (36 years old)



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