Death toll in Iraq protests rise, protesters break curfew

The death toll in Iraq has risen to 29, during protests against corruption and the deteriorating economic situation, as security forces withdrew in front of large numbers of protesters heading to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.

Medical sources confirmed that 29 people have been killed and hundreds injured in various parts of the country since the protests began last Tuesday.

This took place amid the demonstrators continuing to advance towards Tahrir Square and Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, despite the curfew imposed, forcing the security forces to retreat in front of the large number of demonstrators.

Iraqi demonstrators chanted, calling for overthrowing the regime and the departure of the current government, and held Iran responsible for the tutelage and domination of Iraq.

For his part, the Office of the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said, "is following the situation in order to calm and meet the aspirations of the people."

The office said: "Follow-up Abdul Mahdi aim to meet the aspirations of the people and the category of young people, especially, to calm the situation and return to normal life," pointing out that the prime minister "is preparing to meet with them," according to the Iraqi News Agency.

The Prime Minister said that he was "following up continuous contacts with representatives of peaceful demonstrators, to consider legitimate requests."

Source: Sky News

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